August 2010


No, I am not the hottest man in the universe.


But Ed dale, says he is and I am looking forward to the reason he is coming up with.






Bend is an awesome modern text editor compared to Notepad.

I just downloaded it and its so quick to open, its clean and fresh and it actually makes me want to type even more in it. Its a great free software by Microsoft Zune and can be downloaded from here.

Minimum requirements for Bend software are as follows –

  • Microsoft .net framework 4 which can be downloaded here
  • Windows 7

Bend includes features such as –

  • Tabs
  • Find on Page
  • Zoom Ctrl+ Mouse wheel
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Can also integrate with Windows Explorer

If you love to write on Notepad++ or Notepad than you will love Bend, I love it and as I said its Awesome. Go NOW and download it for free.


Internet Marketing is a “MUST” for local businesses because these days people do business with those that they “know“, “like” and “trust“.

Internet is a excellent medium to show prospects what your product or service can do to help the user searching for those products or services.

Local businesses need to make sure that there website shows the prospects exactly what you have to offer so that it can help you to attract more business.

Local businesses can increase there brand exposure by using Internet Marketing techniques such as Social Media, Video Marketing and Article marketing.

I would highly recommend local businesses to setup a youtube channel and create some videos about the solution to peoples problems and how your products or services can be part of that solution.

To your success from offline to online,



Just viewed Jim boot's article on "Google caffeine is incredibly fast" and I thought I try it out for myself to see how quick Google Caffeine really is.