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Hi All,

I have been thinking about the above question for a while and the reason is because the more I put my head into what IM really is, the more sad I get for some people who waste lots of money on getting different training from IM gurus and not use it at all.

A lot of people have bought stuff without taking ACTION and using it, because if they took ACTION and started using the stuff than you will see a lot more success stories.

I have been taking ACTION over the past few months so that is why I have away from this blog because I am currently working on a few projects that I am really keen to get going on and I want to focus my full attention to it.

I have been reading a few books and its made me realize the reason why RICH GET RICHER is because they take more ACTIONS than anyone else and if they fail, than they get up and dust themselves off and work on a new IDEA and they don’t take long either to work on that idea and that is the Key to getting rich in my opinion.

I have found myself in the past mesmerized by Internet Marketing and what it has to offer but to be honest with you, its just like any other business except the medium you choose to run it on is Online instead of Offline.

Taking ACTION is the only way to getting ahead in life so don’t sit there starring at your computer screen looking at the IM gurus talking about there new products and new ways of making money. Stick to what you know and what you have learnt, follow the Internet Marketers that provide you Value and unsubscribe from the ones that don’t provide you value.


To your continued success with your Journey,



Hey Guys,

I thought I share with you a great clip i watched about how to reach deadlines with your Projects, Products whatever you do. Seth Godin (Squidoo CEO) tells a few great stories about how great people start something and have deadlines to meet and instead of being more creative and think of more ideas to change their product, they ship it and reach their deadlines.

I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I enjoyed watching it, this will help me a lot in the business to make sure I reach Deadlines and stop making excuses and coming up with more creative ideas. Thanks Seth Godin for sharing some valuable insights into meeting deadlines and getting the Job done on time.

Enjoy Watching.

To your continued success with you Journey,

Aman Talwar


[slideshare id=3240014&doc=globalsocialmediacheckup-100221151236-phpapp02]

The above presentation was made by Burson-Marsteller which is an Advertising / Marketing / PR firm established in 1953 and is a leading global public relations and communications firm.

The study was conducted from the top companies in the Fortune Global 100 list and it found some interesting stats and they are listed below.

  • 79% of the top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 Index are using at least one of the Social media Networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Corporate Blogs)
  • Twitter was the most popular social media tool according to the study.
  • Companies are using Twitter for Announcements and news, events and promotions and also for Customer Service Purposes.
  • Over 69% of Fortune Global 100 US Companies have Facebook Fan Pages.
  • 59% of Fortune Global 100 US Companies have You Tube Channels.
  • One-Third of the Fortune Global 100 Companies have active blogs.

The above facts are really interesting for us Internet Marketers and it just shows the growing trend in Social Media usage.

I would highly recommend all IMs to at least have one or two of the above Social Media Platforms to grow their popularity and generate extra web traffic. The possibilites are endless.

To your continued success with your journey,

Aman Talwar


Hey All,

Today I thought I advise everyone including newbies in Internet Marketing about the new rules that FTC have introduced in the world of Affiliate Marketing. I like the new FTC rules and I think that more Internet Marketers will work ethically and use disclaimers on their websites.

The rules require bloggers to disclose relationships with companies, services and products that they are compensated for endorsing or reviewing them. Bloggers now need to disclose any time they receive a payment or free products or services or any other compensation for posts on their blogs. If you currently receive any compensation whether it be gifts or stocks or payment from previous posts, you need to go back and add disclosures to them as well.

If anyone wants to get into Internet Marketing, please do it ethically as I have mentioned before, your customers and your reputation is everything in Internet Marketing, it can break you or make you, so if you are looking at starting your internet marketing journey please make sure that you read these rules and see a Legal advisor if you do not understand them but please read them and disclosure anything that is required on your websites as per the FTC rules.

These rules are endorsed by FTC, so I highly recommend and encourage bloggers and Internet Marketers to read them and visit their webiste for more information.

Below are a few links that I found that were very helpful.




Check out the FTC Endorsement Guide Videos here

I highly recommend everyone to watch them and understand the rules.

To your continued success with your journey,

Aman Talwar


I must admit I am a big fan of Apple Products, I don’t own all the range of Apple products available but I do own a Macbook, an Iphone and a Apple Video Ipod which has given me a lot of pleasure to watching movies and video clips while on the train journey to work or listening to music while going for a run.

When I heard about the new apple product this morning, I was really excited and I think the Apple Ipad will revolutionze the Laptop and the Media Industry.

Check out Apple Ipad in Action below from Apple CEO Steve Jobs…

Ok, so now that you have seen the video, below are a few plus and minus points about the Apple Ipad.

+ Points ->

  • 9.7 inch display
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds for the Wi-Fi model
  • Weighs 1.6 pounds for the Wi-Fi + 3G model
  • I like the new iBook Store, I must admit I read more e-books on a computer than Printed Books so I think this might be handy to download books straight onto your iPad and start reading the book
  • If you have any games or apps on your current iPhone than you will be able to bring that across to your iPad which is handy so you don’t have to pay for the app again.
  • Above all the price which for the lowest specifications Ipad is US $499

- Points ->

  • Looks like a bigger version of an Iphone (Not the best look)
  • Ipad does not come with a built-in Integrated Camera
  • Ipad does not come with USB Ports which means that you will not be able to plug in your Usb Wirless Internet cards into it for Internet Access but you will be forced to look for mini 3d sim cards which you can get from some of the ISPs to access there 3G wireless Internet. The issue with this is that it would be quite expensive
  • Limitation on the HDD, it comes with 16gb, 32gb or 64gb models and they are not expandable

Check out the latest updates regarding the Ipad on Apple’s website –> http://www.apple.com/ipad/

If you want to get notified when the Apple Ipad will be available in your Country, go to this link –> http://www.apple.com/ipad/notify-me/